Launched projects

Launched projects for our clients

Wexley OÜ clients today use our help to purchase products that are necessary for their business all over the world.

Our team is ready to offer our clients professional services for the purchasing and delivery of imported equipment and components. The basis of the company's activity is a deep knowledge of the market and a flexible approach to the deals. Our company is rightfully proud of providing all its customers with guaranteed cost reduction.

Hundreds of thousands of items and components from a single supplier can meet almost any need of the enterprise.

We deal with only high-quality equipment with a guarantee from the world's best manufacturers.

Extensive experience in foreign economic activity and our own logistics service allow us to strictly perform the tasks set.

We have launched projects of purchasing and delivery  for our clients of:

  • Machines and equipment (including silicon processing machines);
  • Medical goods and products (ECG devices, contacts for removing impulses from the brain, products for dentistry);
  • Raw materials for production;
  • Sporting goods for outdoor activities - crossbows, bows, knives and more others;
  • Products for airsoft;
  • Hand tools (drills, punches);
  • Network switches, routers;
  • Led strips, power supplies, led lights;
  • Household items & design

and many others.

We are open to the new projects of your business extension and international development!