Who we are?

Who are we?

We are your international resource hub - Wexley OÜ.

Coming from a background of entrepreneurs and business owners, we wanted to create a resource capability that can offer foreign businesses the ability to leverage all the beautiful efficiency of trading, procurement and other dealing, without the risk, cost, time investment and stress. Our goal was to do this while providing all mechanisms of business support abroad for our future business partners.

We succeeded.

Fast forward to 2020, our management team are still leading from the front, are on the ground and are contactable 24/7. Our office becomes our partner's office as we continue to create valuable partnerships by focusing on key value drivers - direct cost efficiency for our partners and intelligent integration with their business. This allows us to significantly contribute to the value proposition our partners can offer their clients.

In cooperation with us our partners get at their service:

  • a team of international trade specialists
  • a team of supportive financiers
  • a team of experienced logistics specialists
  • a team of talented buyers
  • a team of reliable lawyers
  • a skilled process management team

Our key to success is to ensure our team is continually up-skilled not only in local business complexities, but also in western management protocols and foreign business norms. Combining our hands-on management structure and personable approach, we efficiently tailor solutions to fit our partners' parameters.

Whether you are looking for a strategic presence abroad, supply and logistics strategy or a holistic procurement solution, we'd love to hear from you.

Always Contactable

Our management teams are always available and easily contactable when you need us most.

Expert Team

Our team consists of supply chain, procurement, business support and logistics experts.

Quality Guaranteed

There is nothing we do that is not guaranteed to be a top quality service. We’re here to support you every step of the way.